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Lachlan Cotter

Founder & CEO at Satori

"Muse is an awesome solution for online businesses who value excellence and want to stand out in their market."

We wanted to do a better job of capturing the attention of prospects and explaining the benefits of our software in a fun and memorable way. But with production costs running into five figures, it seemed like the stylish and engaging explainer video we needed was simply out of our reach. 

Muse changed that. For a fraction of what it would have cost us elsewhere, they delivered all that and more. They totally nailed the visual style and tone we were looking for, creating a video that is a perfect match for our audience and brand. 

Working with Chris and the Muse team was super smooth and they perfectly implemented all my feedback. I really appreciated their attention to detail and their commitment to delivering outstanding results. 

Muse is an awesome solution for online businesses who value excellence and want to stand out in their market. They've brought high quality, creative video production within reach of small teams like ours.

Michelle Dufty

Senior Director Product Marketing at Sonatype

"It was a joy to work with the Muse team." 

We wanted to animate some recent findings from a Gartner report that aligned with our messaging and specifically promoted our products as solutions to the industry problem. We were looking for a partner that was economical but that provided some consulting and guidance along the way.

We were very pleased with the final video. It definitely told the story we wanted to tell and it was very professionally done. The animation was very cool and the voice over and music was very high quality. I was surprised we could get that high of a quality at the price we paid.

It was a joy to work with the Muse team. They used tools to make it very easy to collaborate back and forth and they were very open to feedback and making changes when needed. They did meet their deadlines and the entire process was one of the smoothest I have had working with a creative vendor.

I would say definitely yes to working with Muse. The quality is superb and it won't break the bank. They really work with you to make sure they understand your business and are really good and making something abstract easy for people to understand.

I am looking forward to working with Muse again on a future project.

Dr Paul Frank Faulder

CEO at Elixir Software Limited

"I simply cannot recommend Muse highly enough." 

When you start a business you understand your goals and the problem that your solution addresses but it's often difficult to distil this message into a short ‘Elevator Pitch’ that's readily consumed by your target audience. This can be further marred by becoming involved at the detail level unable to step back and see the simplicity of what your product offers to the market and how they wish to learn about it. We found ourselves in a similar position often delivering inconsistent messaging about our solution. We needed someone unconnected with the business to be able to simplify our message and present it in an engaging format suitable for our specific audience.

The final product far exceeded expectations.

Seamless / engaging / exciting / positive / communicative / surprising (in a good way) – an almost relentless pursuit of perfection from Muse Animation who are clearly passionate about their business and delivering far beyond what is expected. A truly outstanding company that deserves to be, and will be, hugely successful!

Just go for it – you will be very impressed and it will free you up to concentrate on your business with full confidence that Chris's team will help you market your hard work!

A personal thank you to you Chris and your incredible team and I hope this testimonial gets you the interest that you deserve to enable you to pursue what is clearly an outstanding service! I simply cannot recommend you highly enough. See you shortly for the next video!

Axel Widjaja

Head of Creative at Grab

"Muse is an agency you can depend on."

Our goal was to explain to our drivers our standard operation or system.

We are happy not only with the quality but also delivery time. Muse gave prompt replies after we sent our feedback.

Muse is an agency that you can depend on. They make production painless, especially if you have a tight project timeline.

Thank you Muse Animation!

Hadi Koe

Driver Marketing Manager at Grab

"The final result was spot on."

The video delivered all our USPs accordingly. Working with Chris is a great experience for me, from the beginning! The final result was spot on according to our expectation.

I recommend any company who wants to explore animated videos in their campaign to get in touch with Muse.

 Ryan Schulteis 

 Founder & CEO at SV Analytics 

"Muse Animation over-delivered. They got us the video we dreamed of, on time, and working perfectly."

Our elevator pitch was not tight enough to fit in the elevator … until we worked with Muse Animation. They managed to distill our value proposition down to the core and help us deliver it quickly, sensibly, and artfully! 

We were on an extremely tight deadline, and completely unsure that anyone could get us an explainer video on time, but Muse Animation over-delivered. They got us the video we dreamed of, on time, and working perfectly. 

We definitely recommend them if you have a complex service and find it difficult to rapidly communicate your value to your potential customers. 

 Matthew Ellis

 Founder & CEO at 

"I'd recommend Chris and his team to any business owner or marketing function looking to visualise their offering."

I was approached by Chris and Muse with regards to an explainer video and the timing couldn't have been any better. 

As a business we have a slightly different model to the typical supply model in our industry and its not always an easy thing for potential clients to visualise. 

Chris worked in very close co-operation with me and our leadership team to take a brief and start to build out the video. The process of doing so was managed really well by Chris and the team and we moved step by step, iterating as needed, until we had a final video that everybody agreed on (and trust me I can be a pain). 

I'd recommend Chris and his team to any business owner or sales/marketing function looking to visualise their product/offering.

Katy Hiller 

Director International Marketing at Sonatype

"Don't Hesitate!"

We saw an opportunity where our technology solutions met the new requirement of the customer and we wanted to create a video to raise awareness within the market.

Very happy - great job.

Good experience, super responsive, knowledgeable and very easy to get on the same page in terms of messaging.

Don't hesitate!

 Ron Tressen 

 Founder at Environmental Packaging 

"We'll be working with them again on future videos and don't hesitate to recommend them."

Muse Animation did a great job on the video they made us. 

We were impressed with Chris Murdock and his professionalism to understand our business and customer base. With this understanding, Chris was able to produce the exact product we needed. 

Along with being easy to work with and understand changes we requested, Muse Animation provided our company with examples and suggestions that would make the biggest impact on what we were trying to communicate to our customers. The process was simple, straightforward, allowed us to focus on our business, and we're delighted with the final product. 

The video helped us inform our customers and minimize mistakes our clients made packaging their hazardous waste. We'll be working with them again on future videos and don't hesitate to recommend them.

 Joel Bush 

 Director of Growth at TransLoc 

"We highly recommend them and will hire them for future videos."

We had a great experience working with Muse Animation. They understood our service, nailed our video, and delivered right on schedule. We highly recommend them and will hire them for future videos. 

Gareth Williams

Director Owner at Chauffeur Drive Systems

"Go for it... It makes us look more professional, and people get what we're doing straight away."

How Our Explainer Videos Will Help Your Business

Your Conversions Will Skyrocket

Your explainer video won't just be beautiful and entertaining. We'll write a strong conversion-focused script that lays the foundation for your success. And creates a burning desire to buy from you.

Increase Your Sales

73% of consumers are more likely to buy your product or service after watching a video on it (Animoto). After implementing one of our videos you'll see a sharp increase in sales.

Turbo Charge Your SEO!

A video makes it 50x more likely you'll achieve a page 1 ranking on Google (Forrester). And with a video you could enjoy 41% more traffic from search engines than a site without (Aberdeen).

Expand Your Social Media Presence

Share your video on Facebook and Twitter to spread the word like wildfire. People would much prefer to watch your video than read about you. And social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined (Brightcove).

Dominate Your Email Marketing

Adding your explainer video to an email could boost click-through rates by 200-300% (Forrester). Use this to completely crush your email marketing campaign. And you and your employees can place the video in your email signatures to amplify your selling power.

Delight Your Mobile Audience

Mobile users love video. In fact, 40% of consumers say that a video increases the chance they'll buy from you on their mobile (Adobe). And 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others (Invodo).​

Hook Your Audience

No more messing around with endless reams of text. Leverage short attention spans and 'wow' your audience with an engaging video. Create a meaningful connection by first getting their full attention.

Be Remembered

Our explainer videos make you unforgettable. Viewers remember 95% of your message when seeing it in video, but only 10% when reading it in text (Insivia). You'll make a strong impression on your audience and make sure they remember you.

Take Control Of Buyer Decisions

96% of consumers find video helpful when making a decision to buy from you online (Animoto). An explainer video will allow you to tap into this powerful source of influence.

Increase Your Product Value

Great marketing is fundamental to managing your product value. Through marketing wizardry you'll create massive desire for what you do. Thus increasing its monetary value to your audience. An explainer video is the most potent marketing tool to do this.

Enhance Your Brand Perception

Explainer videos showcase your personality and strengthen your brand. It's a perfect way to show people what you're about and amplify your message. It'll help you stand out in your industry and make you more memorable.

Excite Potential Investors

A sales pitch crafted to perfection. And a persuasive tool to inspire new investors and show them what you're all about. This is important if you're doing something new. Explainer videos are the punchiest and most effective way to explain and sell what you do. They're also the perfect way to kick off a successful VC pitch.

Boost Your Chance Of Press Coverage

Journalists won't go through lots of material to figure out what you do. If it's too much time or effort to understand what you do, they'll move onto the next prospect and you won't get covered (TechCrunch). With an explainer video your product or service will be easy understand. You'll be in a much stronger position to get media coverage.

Get Noticed At Trade Shows

You could go unnoticed if you don't stand out from your peers at trade shows. You need to find a way to explain what you do in a way that grabs attention and makes you stand out. Our explainer videos do all this AND create a burning desire for your product or service.

Make You More Discoverable

YouTube and Vimeo are powerful platforms for people to discover you. YouTube videos are also indexed in Google making you more discoverable.

Enrich Your Web Experience

Video grabs attention, making people stay on your website 88% longer (Mist Media). Or an average of 2 minutes longer (comScore).

One-Year, 100% Money Back Guarantee

We believe in guaranteeing what we produce. If you're not happy within 365 days of receiving your final video, contact us and you'll receive a prompt and full refund - no questions asked.

An explainer video could create a massive breakthrough in your business. And bring you more success than you thought possible. With this guarantee you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot!

Are You Frustrated That People "Just Don't Get" The Value Of Your Product Or Service?

The digital landscape is changing. With high-speed internet, more viewers are consuming video and attention spans are getting shorter.

And not only that - your audience now prefers video to text!

4x as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it (eMarketer). And 96% of shoppers find videos helpful when making buying decisions online (Animoto).

The same is true for those in business. 59% of senior executives prefer video over text if both are on the same page (Forbes Insight). And 39% of executives have called a vendor after watching a video (Forbes).

73 %
More Likely To Buy

73% Of Consumers More Likely To Buy Your Product Or Service After Watching A Video On It

(source: Animoto)​

20 %
Boost In Conversions

A Video On Your Homepage Can Increase Your Conversion Rate By 20% (Or More!)*

​(source: ReelSEO)

80% Increase In Conversions

*and using video on your landing page can increase your conversions by a massive 80%! (source: Unbounce)

You need to keep up with how your audience consumes information. Businesses that use video grow revenue 49% faster than those that don't (Aberdeen). Regular text-only pages don't cut it any more. Your audience would rather watch a video than plow through reams of text.

You need to use the most effective method to get your message across. Video has proven itself here. In fact, 73% of people are more likely to buy your product or service after watching a video on it (Animoto). Not to mention the 20% boost in conversion rate or more you could enjoy from a video on your homepage! (ReelSEO)

With an explainer video you'll see a flood of new customers. 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium (Vidyard). And that's not all. 51.9% of marketers cite video as the marketing tool with the highest ROI (eMarketer). Video is the best marketing investment you can make right now.

An explainer video is a strong foundation for your business. Your product or service will be working for you. This is the power of good communication and effective marketing. You'll be set up for a high level of success, long into the future. Without much effort!

Luckily, this is what we're good at and what we love to do.

What Is An Explainer Video?

How To Generate Massive Interest In What You Do And Make Your Audience EXCITED To Buy From You

An explainer video is a short animated video that explains what you do in 90 seconds or less (usually). It provides a snappy high level overview of your offering. This format is potent and hard hitting, as well as engaging and entertaining.

The purpose of an explainer video is to -

  • make your customers understand what you do
  • show your customers how you can help them and why they need your offering
  • instill burning desire in your customers for your solution
  • motivate your audience to take action (e.g. buy your product, use your service, download your app... or anything else)
  • attract investors to fund your startup (if you haven't launched yet)
  • boost your chance of press coverage (journalists prefer video to text)
  • introduce your business

Why Our Explainer Videos Are So Effective

Clear, Captivating, And Persuasive

Explainer videos excel at making complex ideas easy to understand. This is perfect if what you're doing is novel or difficult to explain. It's a perfect fit if you're doing something new, different, or niche.

Or, if your subject matter is dry, they are great at making it a lot more engaging and interesting.

All High-Converting Elements Above The Fold

A well designed explainer video applies AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). This puts all high-converting elements above the fold. Striking these triggers in rapid succession makes a powerful impact. Explainer videos have a strong influence on your audience. The concise format makes them a potent conversion tool, as well as an easy way to improve the quality of your web traffic.

Video Is High-Fidelity

60 seconds of video is worth

1800000 words

(source: Forrester)

Your brain is

60000 x faster to process visual information than text

​(source: Zabisco)

What's Included In Our Package?

Powerful Script

A powerful conversion focused script that's guaranteed to deliver results.

Premium Animation

We only work with the best animators, to make sure we deliver you the finest video possible.

Royalty-Free Music*

We'll dig through a diverse library of music to find the perfect soundtrack for your video.

Professional Voice-Over

We'll audition professional voice-over artists and short-list the best for you to choose from.

*For a nominal fee we can hire a composer. Writing music to hit specific cues in your video adds a lot of power. Only recommended for high-end projects with a large budget.

High-Value Additional Bonus!
3 Variations On Your Call-To-Action Included

No other company offers this as standard.

Your call-to-action (CTA) is the crucial part of the video. It's where you get your audience to do something. Making sure that you're using an effective one is crucial to a high conversion rate!

Marketers know the importance of split-testing different CTA's. We let you test different CTA's to find out which offers the highest conversion rate. Doing this optimises your video and fine tunes it to make sure you're getting the most out of it. Otherwise you're just stabbing in the dark and losing potential conversions.

We include 3 CTA's and help you split test them to ensure your explainer video gives you a great conversion rate. We'll guide you through this process.

We Squeezed So Much Value Into This Package That Your Success Is Practically Guaranteed!

Explainer videos are a proven tool. A well-made explainer video could have a significant impact on your business. Many businesses have already had great results - yours could be next.

(We won't sell you an explainer video if you don't need one. That's a promise. We'll find out your needs to see what could help you most. If something else is more appropriate, we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.)